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Giorgio G20 Men's Tokyo Folding Pocket Comb Hair, Mustache and Beard

From: $12.00 USD

Giorgio G23 Small Fine Men's Pocket Comb for Hair, Beard & Mustache

From: $8.50 USD

Giorgio G33 4.45 Inch Coarse / Fine Hair, Beard, Mustache Pocket Comb

$8.95 USD

Giorgio G39 2.75 inch Small Men Pocket Comb for Mustache and Beard

From: $6.50 USD

Giorgio G40 4.5 Inch All Fine Tooth Pocket Comb For Styling

From: $8.00 USD

Giorgio G82 Handmade Folding Pocket Comb for Hair, Mustache and Beard

From: $12.50 USD

Giorgio G87 Folding Pocket Comb for Men Small Handmade Tokyo, Saw Cut

From: $10.00 USD

Kent 20T 3.75 Inch Men Fine Tooth Folding Pocket Comb with Pocket Clip

$14.50 USD

Kent 5T 6.6 Inch Hair Dressing Comb, Fine and Wide Tooth Dresser Comb

$12.50 USD

Kent 81T Men's Handmade Beard and Mustache Comb, X-Small Pocket Comb

$6.00 USD

Kent 82T 4 Inch Handmade All Fine Folding Pocket Comb for Men. Sawcut

$16.50 USD

Kent 83T 3.25Inch Men's Handmade Limited Edition Beard / Mustache Comb

$12.00 USD

Kent 85T 4.75 Inch Small Men's Fine Pocket Beard & Mustache Comb

$9.50 USD

Kent 87T 2.4 Inch Men's Beard / Mustache Folding Pocket Comb. Saw-Cut

From: $14.00 USD

Kent F3T 6.25 Inch Handmade All Fine Dressing Comb. Sawcut

$12.00 USD

Kent FOT 4.5 Inch Men's Pocket Comb All Fine Tooth Handmade in England

$9.50 USD

Kent NU19 Set, OT 4.5 Inch Small Pocket Comb, Nail File & Leather Case

$28.00 USD

Kent NU22 5 Inch Handmade All Fine Pocket Comb With Leather Case

$28.00 USD

Kent OT 4.5 Inch Small Men Hand-Made Pocket Comb Coarse / Fine. Sawcut

$9.50 USD

Kent SLIM JIM Small Men's Pocket Comb all Fine Tooth. Handmade Sawcut

$8.50 USD

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